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Item #: XLR-Tac-AR-Buttstock
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    Our Tactical AR buttstock is designed specifically for AR-15 and AR-10 applications and is perfect for the tactical or 3 Gun competitive shooter. It features QD flush cups on the left and right sides, monopod provision, and enclosed design. Our AR stock has a shorter cheek rest for more LOP adjustments with the charging handle.

    The Tactical AR Buttstock is now being outfitted with a smaller 1/2" recoil pad!

    This buttstock includes a dual recoil plate system for ultimate adjustability. The user can set up as a single plate if desired for small weight savings. The buffer tube and castle nut are included. Please note that a carbine length (7” internal length) buffer and buffer spring are required when used on AR applications.

    *WEIGHT: 22 ounces (single plate) 25.5 ounces (dual plate) *Weights include buffer tube and castle nut.