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Item #: TAB-CADF
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    Tab Gear Sling (With Flush Cups)





    This is a very basic U.S. made sling consisting of three basic components. Beginning with the front sling loop used to adjust the carry length to the personal preference of the shooter , serving as support for the non-firing hand to use in place of a rear bag.

    The Front which is used to shoot slung up can be done either connected to the rest of the sling or not. This also includes a slider that adjusts with little effort made to lock down the loop on the shooters arm.

    The shooter can adjust the carry length at the center of the sling. The sling can be connected to itself and removed for convienient storage which allows the two remaining sections of the sling to attach like a carry strap while the shooting loop is still in place. There are two major advantages to having two buckles. One advantage is that the shooter is quickly able to manuever in and out of the sling due the accesibility of the two buckles making an action ready rifle at all times. This particular feature was also designed to make it easy to remove a rifle from a wounded or unconcious soldier.

    The rear section is made securely enough to provide rear support.


    * Adjustable loop for shooting support
    * Industrial grade webbing and buckles
    * Available with heavy duty swivel, HK hook, or flush cup swivel attachments


    Product includes Flush Cups