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XLR ENVY PRO CHASSIS PACKAGE XLR, XLR Industries, XLR Envy, Envy, Envy Chassis, Arca Rail, Precision Rifle, Remington 700, Full-Length, JV Heavy Fill, Rifle Chassis, Long Range, Rifle Stock
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XLR Industries Item #: XLR- -

    The new ENVY™ Pro chassis from XLR Industries is a true testament to the progressive nature of precision rifle shooting. We at XLR have taken tons of feedback from our Pro Shooters over the past year and implemented their ideas to give you our most state-of-the-art chassis to date. The new ENVY™ Pro features more tunability and adjustment than ever before and has even more integrated features to help you get the impact when it counts. The revised forend of the ENVY™ Pro is perhaps its most...

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    XLR Industries Item #: XLR-EVO-HD-BMG -

      The Evolution HD rifle chassis is designed as a premium platform for aftermarket large diameter receivers. While it is modeled from our original Evolution chassis, machined from solid 6061 T-6 billet aluminum, it is basically a beefed up version specifically for larger actions commonly used with the 338 LM and Chey-Tac sized cartridges. The chassis features a 2" centered handguard 16" in length. This chassis is fully adjustable to ensure perfect union between you and your rifle. This chassis...

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      XLR Industries Item #: XLR-Weight -

        The XLR M-LOK weights add 15 ounces, per set, to any M-LOK 3-slot chassis. Although these weights are compatible with all XLR chassis, they are specifically designed for the side of the ENVY chassis and do not interfere with the dovetail or dovetail accessories. *PLEASE NOTE: This product does not fit GEN 1 Element, Evolution, or Carbon chassis. This will fit any M-LOK™ compatible component, including new XLR Element, Evolution, Envy or Carbon chassis. CLICK HERE to determine which generation...

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        XLR Industries Item #: XLR-Folder -

          The XLR Push Button Folding Stock Adapter attaches between the action block and buttstock allowing the stock to be folded into a more compact package for easier storing and cleaning. The folder will extend LOP measurements by 1.5". Shorter buffer tubes are available that will compensate for the added length of the adapter keeping the LOP in the 12” to 15” range. *WEIGHT: 4.5 ounces. **NOTE: Will require modification if used on Howa specific chassis Folding Adapter FAQ ...

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          XLR Industries Item #: XLR-Bag-Riger -

            The XLR Tactical Bag Rider allows you to adapt your Tactical series buttstock to different shooting styles. The bag riders flat side allows for smooth, consistent bag riding for bench rest shooting or zeroing in at the range. While its slanted side allows for quick elevation adjustments during PRS or positional shooting. The Tactical Bag Rider attaches directly to the factory tapped holes in the bottom of your Tactical, Tactical Lite or Tactical AR Buttstock. *NOTE: Does not attach to our...