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N-Vision Optics Item #: NVO-TMM-NOX35 -

    NOX35 THERMAL SCOPE 640X480, 12 micron Thermal Core35mm LensWeapon and Helmet MountableNox35 is a 12-micron 60 Hz small, light, and fully functional thermal weapon sight that can serve double duty as a head-mounted monocular or a scanner. When you need a thermal weapon sight that lets you move from rifle to helmet or hand-held use with ease, look no further than N-Vision Nox. This unique product is proudly designed and built in the USA, using the best commercially available 640 x 480 60 Hz BAE...

    N-Vision Optics - ATLAS Thermal Binoculars
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    N-Vision Optics

      Ultra High Performance Thermal BinocularsIdentify heat signatures from creatures of all sizes, day or night.Detect, observe, and capture your view in thermal vision with ATLAS’ four selectable polarity modes: Black Hot, White Hot, Color Pallet, and Edge Detect.ATLAS’ no-slip rubberized housing provides its user with a durable and waterproof unit capable of detecting a man sized object from over a mile away.Increase your counts and interactions with the ATLAS Thermal Binocular as your go-to...

      N-Vision Optics - HALO and HALO-LR Thermal Scope
      Price: $5,995.00-$7,495.00
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      N-Vision Optics

        N-Vision HALO-LR is the BEST THERMAL SCOPE OF 2019! The N-Vision Optics HALO Thermal Scopes come equipped with state of the art 12 micron 640 x 480 thermal sensors offering outstanding image clarity and extended detection ranges. HALO Thermal Scopes feature long lasting battery life, waterproof housings, 60Hz refresh rate, digital zoom, and most impressively, unique Region of Interest (ROI) Optimization that enhances image clarity at your point of aim. HALO is a lightweight, compact, wide...

        N-Vision Optics - NOX Thermal Monocular
        Price: $6,195.00-$6,795.00
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        N-Vision Optics

          NOX Thermal Monocular NOX Thermal Monocular is the latest addition to the N-Vision Optics thermal product line. Built into a compact and rugged package, this all-in-one unit will be your new favorite thermal. In addition to being a handheld scanner, NOX can be used as a weapon sight with adjustable reticles and can be head/helmet mountable with user-configurable left/right eye operation. NOX features state of the art 12 micron 640 x 480 BAE thermal core with 60 Hz refresh rate, delivering the...