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MDT ACC Chassis System
Price: $1,099.00
Availability: CALL FOR AVAILABILITY | (916)-670-1103
MDT Tactical Item #: 103734 -

    Pricing Starts at $1099 for black and FDE+199 for all other colorsDETAILS Adjustable Core Competition chassis system is designed for the competition world: the ACC is primarily suited for the PRS & NRL shooting style, although it can be used in other disciplines. The ACC chassis system is the result of endless testing and collaborating with competition shooters, implementing the most crucial and results driven features, while ensuring accuracy and precision remain unparalleled. The ACC...

    MDT Buttstock Weight
    Price: $59.00
    Availability: CALL FOR AVAILABILITY | (916)-670-1103
    MDT Tactical Item #: 103789-BLK -

      DETAILSThis weight mounts in the lower pocket of the MDT ESS, ACC and SRS V5 buttstocks. The weight and it’s hardware will add 0.65 lb to your rifle system all the way at the rear, moving your balance point rearward significantly. To install, simply remove the buttpad assembly, slide the weight into the lower pocket, attach with included screws and reinstall the buttpad assembly.SPECIFICATIONSUnderside clearance slot to allow mounting of M-Lok accessories to buttstock even with weight...

      MDT ESS Chassis System
      Price: $949.00
      Availability: CALL FOR AVAILABILITY | (916)-670-1103
      MDT Tactical

        DETAILS CHASSIS The ESS retains our proven V-block bedding system to form a solid and reliable base for the rifle action. The magazine well has been refined for easy insertion of the magazine, while reducing rattle and movement. The tab style magazine release has been replaced with a semi-flush ambidextrous paddle that can easily be activated by a weak or strong hand. The recoil lug mortise has been designed to accommodate most aftermarket recoil lugs, and the trigger area will accommodate...

        MDT HS3 Remington 700 SA Chassis System for Bolt Action Rifles FDE
        Price: $499.99
        Availability: CALL FOR AVAILABILITY | (916)-670-1103
        MDT Tactical Item #: MDT-102148-FDE -

          MDT HS3 Chassis System for Bolt Action RiflesMDT-102148-FDEImprove accuracy and ergonomics with our HS3 Chassis system. The HS3 is a light (2.2lb) chassis system for bolt action rifles that allows use of AR-15 buttstocks and grips to suit your needs. It is machined from 6061 aluminum, hard anodized and finished with black or FDE side panels for color, grip and feel. ...

          Price: $59.00
          Availability: Back Order Available
          MDT Tactical Item #: 103965-BLK -

            DETAILS These weights mount on to the exterior of any chassis or stock that is M-LOK compatible. They mount using standard hardware and M-LOK T-nuts, meaning that you can install and remove them as necessary on your system. A pair of weights and hardware will add 0.78 lb to your chassis/stock. SPECIFICATIONS Integral QD flush cups to attach slings and other accessories2 mounting holes spaced 80 mm (3”) apart, requiring the use of 2 full M-Lok slots to ensure proper mounting COMPATIBILITY This...

            MDT Pistol Grip
            Price: $29.99
            Availability: CALL FOR AVAILABILITY | (916)-670-1103
            MDT Tactical Item #: 103419-BLK -

              DETAILS The MDT Pistol Grip consists of a one piece reinforced inside core with a comfortable tactile overmold providing maximum comfort and strength. With integrated palm swells to better fit your hand, the MDT Pistol Grip provides outstanding ergonomics for both right and left handed shooters. The MDT Pistol Grip rubber overmold is lightly textured and grooved to guarantee an anti-slip and solid rifle grip. SPECIFICATIONS Standard AR15 interfaceMaterial: Polymer core with Santoprene tactile...

              MDT Rear Bad Rider
              Price: $49.00
              Availability: Back Order Available
              MDT Tactical Item #: 103631-BLK -

                DETAILS Mil-spec Type III hard-black anodized aluminum bag rider that attaches to M-LOK compatible buttstocks. Designed with a rounded profile to reduce snagging on bags and gear, with 5” of available length to sit on bags better. Angled to match the underside of MDT buttstocks and provide a flat, horizontal surface for linear recoil. SPECIFICATIONS Compatible with M-Lok mounting systems commonly found on buttstocks like the MDT ESS and SRS V5 (and newer)Long 5” surface to better interact with...

                MDT Skeleton Rifle Stock
                Price: CALL
                Availability: Out of Stock
                MDT Tactical Item #: MDT-102669-BLK -

                  The MDT Skeleton Rifle Buttstock was designed to provide the shooter with best-in-class strength and ergonomics, with an emphasis on adjustability and comfort. Length of pull (LOP) can be easily adjusted and fine-tuned with the thumbwheel, and locked in place with thumb screws or set screws (both included). The buttpad can be adjusted up and down as well as canted left or right, to form fit the shoulder pocket of any shooter. Achieving the perfect cheek weld is a breeze, with thumbwheel...

                  MDT Vertical Grip
                  Price: $49.00
                  Availability: CALL FOR AVAILABILITY | (916)-670-1103
                  MDT Tactical Item #: 104016-BLK -

                    DETAILS Proper finger and hand placement are crucial for precision marksmanship. Due to varying hand size, marksmen often struggle with finger placement on the trigger. Not anymore. Fore and aft adjustment allows for perfect finger placement, and the vertical grip facilitates a straight pull on the trigger. Easily adjustable. Realizing that the vertical grip orientation is the preferred position for some competition shooters, we at MDT have created our Adjustable Vertical Grip, consisting of a...