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    PLEASE NOTE: Certain U.S. jurisdictions including California restrict firearm magazines sales. CS Tactical cannot process sales/shipments prohibited by law. Please check your local and state laws before trying to purchase. 


    MDT AICS-pattern metal magazines are manufactured from high strength steel, nitrided, and finished inside and outside with Cerakote Elite for ultimate durability, corrosion resistance, and friction reduction.


    5-Round Magazines for 308:

    10-Round Magazines for 308:

    12-Round Magazines for 308:

    12-Round Magazines for 6mm:

    MDT 10-round magazines are approximately ¾” shorter in height than standard AICS 10-round magazines due to MDT’s unique Double Stack to Single Feed (DSSF) transition design, allowing easier mag changes when shooting prone.

    10-round magazine includes 2 internal ribs that help reduce friction between the cartridge and magazine body and provide a smooth transition from a double stack to single feed at the top of the magazine.


    From testing, we have established that these magazines will work with the following calibers:

    MDT 6BR Metal Mag

    Additionally, through testing, we have found that these magazines ARE NOT COMPATIBLE WITH the following actions: