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Item #: MCS-T5A-700SA-03
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    Manners Composite Stocks T5A-DBM Mini-Chassis, REM 700 SA, GAP CAMO




    Manners Composite Stock T5A, Detatchable Bottom Metal Mini Chassis System, Remington 700 Short Action, Varmint Barrel Channel, Standard 1/2" Pad, 3 Studs, 2 Flush cups (Left Side) GAP Camo 

    The MCS-T5A stock is offered in two version a T5 non adjustable cheek and the T5A with a adjustable cheek and KMW hardware. The T5A version is designed as a right hand grip, with a small thumb rest on the left side of the stock. The T5 non adjustable cheek version has a ambidextrous grip.

    Although the T5A version is a right hand stock, we designed it so that if you have to shoot with your weak hand it stills feels good. A lot of time went into the design of the grip on this stock, it moves your hand down and forward so your trigger finger is in a more natural position and you are not having to reach for the trigger. The area behind the trigger looks odd but it is designed to make your hand return to the same spot each time you grip the stock. It works very well with all sizes of hands, small or large.

    Both versions come standard with a fixed 1″ Pachmyer Decelerator pad. It can also be ordered with the optional butt spacer system and a 1/2″ Decelerator pad .The standard weight for the T5A is 4.0 lbs. And the T5 is 2.7 lbs. The forend is 2.40” wide at the tip and will take barrels up to 1.350 inches in diameter. The very top end of the forend is designed with a slight flare to accept the Badger Ordance EFR night vision mount. It also has a butt hook that can be used to ride the bags or control your rifle with your non-trigger hand. The MCS-T5 was designed around a Rem 700 style action, but can be had for Winchester, Savage, Howa and other actions. For a complete list please check out the order online/stock builder, or call for more details.



    • 3 Studs
    • 2 Flush Cups
    • Barrel Channel is a Vamient and can be Modified


    MCS-DBM Mini Chassis
    The Manners MCS-DBM mini chassis system incorporates the best of both worlds. A mid-length aluminum chassis and a heavy-duty trigger guard that accepts the time proven Accuracy International style 5 and 10 round mags. This system is made exclusively for us by Badger Ordnance out of solid billet Aircraft grade aluminum and then Hardcoat anodized black so that it will take a lifetime of punishment.'_When combined with one of our bullet proof stocks, we consider this a true bolt in and go system. The sturdy aluminum chassis with its self centering bedding system is designed to support the action with 5 different contact points. This is done to compensate for the slight variances found from action to action. When installed, you will have a repeatable bedding system that supports a fully floated barrel for maximum accuracy. mini-chass-longminichassis-shortThis will work with all Remington based 700 short and long foot print actions with a factory or custom recoil lug with a thickness up to .375”.'_The weight of the system less mag is .62 lbs. When ordered with a new stock the system will come fully installed and ready to go at no additional charge. The system includes grade 5 TORX® screws and one 5 round magazine. Additional 5 or 10 round mags can be order separately.