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Item #: MCS-T4A-700SA-03
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    Manners Composite Stock T4A Tactical Rifle Stock, Woodland


    Manners Composite Stock T4A, Remington 700 Short Action, Varmint Barrel Channel, Standard 1/2" Pad, 3 Studs, 2 Flush cups (Left Side) Woodland Camo

    The T4A comes standard with an adjustable cheek and KMW hardware, a fixed 1_ Pachmyer Decelerator pad, and can also be ordered with the optional butt spacer system and a 1/2_ Pachmyer Decelerator pad. The standard weight for the T4A is 4.2 lbs The forend is about 2.50 wide and will take barrels up to 1.350 inches in diameter. The sides and bottom of the forend and the bottom of the butt behind the hook are parallel with the bore. This allows the stock to ride very straight and true if you want to use bags. The forend of the stock is only textured on the back half and we lengthened the pistol grip about 1/4™ longer compared to the T2 stock.

    The MCS-T4 was designed around a Rem 700 style action, but can be had for Winchester, Savage, Howa and other actions. For a complete list please call for more details.

    • 3 Studs
    • 2 Flush Cups
    • Barrel Channel is a Varmient and can be Modified