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    Precision Rifle Class(PR1) - Arbuckle, California

    CS Tactical is offering Long Range Classes to help you better understand your rifle and the dynamics of precision long range shooting. This will be a 2 day PR1 Basics/Intermediate class.

    TBD we will be on range 1(100-600 yards) to cover the following:
    -External Ballistics
    -Rifle Setup
    -Confirm Zero and Speed
    -Precision Rifle Fundamentals
    -Building a Position
    -Basics of Wind Reading
    -Creating and Gathering Dope
    -Making Corrections

    TBD we will be on range 1 and 2(700-2000 Yards):
    -Finish up on Range 1 if needed.
    -Implement everything learned on day 1.
    -Find the limits of your rifle and equipment.
    -Engage Targets out to 2000 yards(Equipment and Time Permitting).

    Arbuckle Private Range:

    Day 1: Time: 8am to ~3pm (May adjust times depending on temperature)

    Day 2: Time: 8am to ~3pm (May adjust times depending on temperature)

    Nearest Hotels are located in Williams!


    - Note Taking Gear
    - Reliable Rifle with 100 yard Zero
    - Scope with Externally Adjustable Turrets
    - Hearing Protection
    - Eye Protection
    - 200 Rounds of Ammunition
    - Bi-Pod
    - Rear bag
    - Any other shooting gear you would like to bring to incorporate into your system.
    - Food
    - Water
    - Sunscreen
    - Appropriate attire for conditions and to lay on the ground
    - Great Attitude!