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Desert Tech SRS A-2/SRS-A2 Covert Desert, Tech, SRS, A-2, Rifle, Chassis, Bullpup, Bolt, action, long, range, precision, 308, 338, 300, win, mag, lapua
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Desert Tech

    Desert Tech SRS A1 BLK-BLK Rifle ChassisDTA-SRS-SBBM00RThis black stock receiver with monopod fits Desert Tech SRS-A1 rifles.

    DTA | HTI Rifle
    Price: $5,095.00
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    Desert Tech

      Designed and built for extreme long range accuracy and to deliver extreme firepower at any distance. The HTI is can be easily converted into multiple different calibers ranging from the .375 Cheytac to the .50 BMG to exceed the precision and stopping power needed at distances of over 2000 yards. What ever you are doing from the compact, accurate, adaptable HTI is the Rifle for your needs. RECOIL PAD- The recoil pad is raised to position the shooters shoulder above the bore line in order to...