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"Operation Hawkeye"

by | Wednesday, August 10, 2016 |

A while ago, we received an email regarding a cause called "Operation Hawkeye", this mission is to raise money for the families of the lost US SEAL's. Here is the information we received in the email:Will launched this mission last Labor Day weekend, moved by the courage of the fallen, and a wish to aid the loved ones left behind. He is translating these sentiments into action using his skill shooting a basketball. Details on this mission are available on the Operation Hawkeye Facebook page,...

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AK-47 Mag Change

by | Sunday, July 10, 2016 |

AK-47 Combat & Tactical Reload A little while ago we posted a video about Mag changes on our YouTube channel. Mike was teaching a method known as the Combat Reload. This method did not sit well with some viewers... Stating the Tactical Reload is faster and more efficient. After some thought Mike decided to do a video using BOTH methods, timing them to see which really wins the Gold Medal in speed. Here is the comparison video. ...

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