What MOA Base Should I Choose and Why?

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What MOA Base Should I Choose and Why?

Many people I talk to ask me this question. First off, what is the main goal of a base that has MOA (Minute Of Angle) built into it? The MOA helps in getting the most out of our target or tactical scope elevation knob. If you were asking me, “What MOA Base Should I Choose?”, I would need to know the following three things:

1) What is the max distance (aka critical distance) you plan on shooting?

2) How much elevation does your round take to get to your max distance?

3) What is the amount of MOA elevation in the scope?

Here is an example: Let’s say your max distance is 1,000 yards. You have a .308 round that requires 40MOA of elevation to reach out to 1,000 yards. The total travel in the scope is 50MOA of elevation (25moa of down elevation with +25 of top elevation). We know the scope is not going to be perfectly centered to achieve a 100 yard zero, but in this example we will say it does for simpler math. With your 25MOA of top elevation you will be able to get a .308 round out to 800 yards. If you want to be able to shoot out to 1,000 yards though, you will need an additional 15MOA in the Base.

Most manufacturers do not currently make a 15MOA Base. Because of this, the minimum MOA Base that would be required is a 20MOA Base. An added benefit to having a 20MOA Base is that it allows for an additional 5MOA of elevation. Additional MOA leaves room for error so you can avoid being maxed out on your elevation.

Is this the only benefit to having an MOA Base? No. Not only do MOA Bases give your scope more elevation, they also help to give you the best visual clarity at your max distance. The best clarity is in the center of the scope. MOA Bases can help in aligning the reticle to the center of the lenses, optimizing the scope’s ability to create the best visual clarity at the max distance. Centering the reticle at the max distance is determined by the amount of MOA in the base.

In conclusion, when choosing an MOA Base, always remember to consider your max distance, the elevation your round requires, and the amount of MOA elevation in the scope. The right MOA Base for your setup will give your scope more elevation and the ability to have the clearest image possible at the max distance.

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