Victor Company Titan 1022

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Victor Company Titan 1022 is here!

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Do you need a quality rifle stock for your 1022 but don't want to sell a kidney to be able to afford one?

Well cancel the surgery because the Victor Company Titan 1022 is here! Designed for the Ruger 1022 semi-automatic rifle, the TITAN 1022 is the affordable precision solution for your 1022.

Featuring the “Anchor Lock System”, the Titan secures the 1022 receiver to aircraft-grade hardened aluminum bedding in the front and rear of the action for maximum accuracy.

Unlike other 1022 stocks on the market, the TITAN 1022 is made of a highly rigid fiberglass composite, giving up almost no flex, which makes it the preferred platform for precision shooting.

The TITAN just feels right in your hands. It’s ergonomics feel just like your big boy tactical precision center-fire rifle. With two quick detach flush cup sling mounts installed on each side, your TAB / SAP / TIS sling will mount quickly and easily, just like your competition rig.

Other Features and benefits are:

Ultra-Rigid Engineering Grade Fiberglass Composite Resin: Offers maximum accuracy potential with almost zero flex.

Anchor Lock System: Hardened aluminum bed supports the action screw and a hardened aluminum rear shelf with an anchor lock screw to remove any play from the rear of the action. The Anchor Lock System gives the most accuracy potential from your 1022.

Free Float Barrel: Accepts heavy barrels up to 0.920"

Widened Magwell: Mags drop freely when released.

Pistol Gripped: Puts your shooting hand at the perfect angle for proper trigger control.

Raised Cheekrest: The elevated comb gives better control with your optics.

Positive Texture: The pistol grip and fore end are textured for positive manipulation in wet or dry environments.

Ambidextrous design: For right or left handed shooters.

Quick Detach Flush Cup Sling Mounts: Standard on both sides. Attach or remove your QD sling with a push of a button.

Swivel Stud Sling Mounts included: Fits the standard sling attachment.

Optional Mini Picatinny Rail: A solid mounting solution for a flashlight, IR illuminator or QD bipod.

Available in two colors: Black or Flat Dark Earth

This Stock is available and in stock here at CS Tactical.

If you have any further questions or want to know more about this stock then please don't hesitate to get in contact with us.

(916) 670-1103

9174 Franklin Blvd Ste B

Elk Grove, CA 95758

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