"Operation Hawkeye"

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A while ago, we received an email regarding a cause called "Operation Hawkeye", this mission is to raise money for the families of the lost US SEAL's. Here is the information we received in the email:

Will launched this mission last Labor Day weekend, moved by the courage of the fallen, and a wish to aid the loved ones left behind. He is translating these sentiments into action using his skill shooting a basketball. Details on this mission are available on the Operation Hawkeye Facebook page, http://www.facebook.com/OperationHawkeye?ref=tn_tnmn. A CNN feature on Operation Hawkeye, which has raised over $45,000 to date and is ongoing through Labor Day 2012, can be found at http://www.nswfoundation.org/hoopsforseals.htm.

The purpose of Operation Hawkeye is to honor the fallen special operations warriors and rally emotional and financial support for their loved ones
At present, the mission focus is on four main areas:
1. Outreach to the broader special operations community, including businesses such as yours with an affinity for this military elite
2. Significant expansion of the Facebook social media platform to better facilitate the mission and provide the families of 8.6.11 with a common portal for support and communications
3. Development of events and activities that convey our collective sympathies and support for the families, and
4. Preparations for the 2012 Labor Day weekend Rise & Fire 3PT Shooting Challenge, which will require Will to once again demonstrate his proficiency and perseverance on the basketball court, thereby raising funds for the families of the fallen
· Facebook followers number more than 3,200 in just over six weeks, and we have secured support to significantly enhance the social media platform by mid-April
· Dozens of companies from the special operations business community have come on board already, and many more are actively considering whether and how best to participate. A partial list includes Black Hills Ammo, Black Skull Tactical, Bravo Co., CAA Tactical, CamelBak/CamelBak Tactical, Cammenga, COMBAT-Swag, Joint Force Enterprises, KRISS USA, and Wiley X/Wiley Tactical. Many others are presently considering how best to get involved.
· Some of the leading on-line tactical gear blogs are also showcasing the effort, along with Brandon Webb’s new special ops platform, SOFREP.com/TheLoadRoom.com.
· The mission is to be featured by NRA’s Life of Duty Network (and by the same director that did the fine piece on fallen Navy SEAL Adam Brown)
· Craig Sawyer, Jamie Franks and others have come forward to assist us with outreach to the professional shooting community, and both Chris Kyle (of American Sniper renown) and author Brad Thor are also helping us get word out through their FB platforms.

The efforts on the basketball side have been equally ambitious. Mission teammates include the Naismith Basketball Hall of Fame, Nike, and almost every NBA franchise, for starters.

There's much that can be accomplished working together, and so we would be grateful if you would consider joining Will in this mission. There are a wide range of ways you can participate, depending entirely upon how you would like to show your support, whether it be by helping us rally others (e.g., through social media) or by providing a measure of financial support.
The tragedy that befell the special operations community last August hit hard. Yet it is evident from the thousands of cards, emails, and donations Operation Hawkeye has received - and from the heartfelt responses received from the families of the fallen - that Operation Hawkeye is making a positive difference. We hope that you can join with Will and others on the Operation Hawkeye mission team to support the families of these heroes. Even if it's just by standing with Will and saying you support the mission and this cause, that would be greatly appreciated.

Now, THAT is a cause we here at CS Tactical can stand behind. We highly recommend looking into it, and doing all we can to help the families of those who fight for our freedoms!

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