Kestrel Weather Meters

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I'm seeing questions on forums, in our inbox, and over the phone about the differences between some of the weather meters. All of the models have slight variations. Some will do a lot of different things and some will definitely help you more than lifting your wet finger in the air. Keep in mind the weather meters aren't designed only for long-range shooting. Some guys buy them for long-range shooting and other uses (hiking, vocational use, etc.). Each newer model retains the features of the previous model while adding some new features. Here's a breakdown:

(Every Kestrel weather meter has a display with back lighting for low light conditions. Each meter comes with a 5 year warranty.)

K2500 - adds on a pressure sensor that helps you predict fish and wildlife activity as well as knowing when the weather's going to turn nasty. This is useful because barometric pressure influences a bullet's trajectory. The 2500 also measures altitude and has a clock and calendar function.

K3500 Delta T - incorporates a Delta T calculation. In layman's terms, a quick guide for acceptable spraying conditions (ex: applying pesticides). While the Delta T feature doesn't do much for a shooter, this model does have a data hold feature that will record your data along with the time. The 3500 also comes with a lanyard and protective cover.

K4000 - calculates Density altitude. It has a Data Storage feature where a user can automatically store data at personalized intervals (you can set to record data every 2 sec, every 12 hours, or anywhere in between. The K4000 has an expanded button interface compared to older models. Data can also be uploaded to a PC with the optional Kestrel Interface.

K4500 - includes a digital compass, wind direction, crosswind, and headwind/tailwind. Ideal for long range shooters and military snipers alike.

Additional Features:

NV - Night vision - The back-light on night vision units is more subdued. It incorporates an optical filter to reduce overall brightness and preserves night vision. It takes 30-45 minutes for the average eye to adapt to darkness and maximize night vision. Therefore, this is ideal for use once your eyes have adapted to low light conditions., preventing night blindness and night vision fatigue. The NV models come only in OD Green.

Bluetooth Kestrels - wireless data transmission eliminates the need for a separate interface and cabling. Data transmission communicates up to a 30 ft range.

CONCLUSION: As far as shooters are concerned, the 2500 is a stripped down version that will still give a shooter the basics. The 4500 gives the shooter the most transferable info out of all the models.

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