Desert Tech Rifles

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Desert Tech Rifles Available now at CS Tactical

Desert Tech Bolt Rifles final

Desert Tech was created to provide the most compact, accurate and reliable precision weapon systems in the world.

Desert Tactical Arms was founded in May of 2007, the company was created to protect the freedom of the United States of America, our allies and people by providing the most compact, accurate, and reliable precision weapon systems in the world. Desert Tactical Arms strongly supports civil rights, especially the right of every individual to own firearms to protect themselves, their family, and their property and the use of firearms in defense, hunting, and shooting sports.

Desert Tech rifles are available on our website in SRS A-1, SRS A-1 Covert, and HTI Models.



The SRS A-1 (Stealth Recon Scout A-1) is nearly a foot shorter than conventional sniper rifles, maintains 1/2 MOA or better accuracy with DTM Ammunition, and can be easily adapted to individual mission requirements by changing the weapon’s caliber and length. Whether a police sniper is shooting 50 yards or a military sniper is shooting a mile the SRS offers unrivaled flexibility in a package shorter than the M16 battle rifle.

SRS A-1 Covert

covert-three-quarter-webThe SRS Covert sniper rifle was purpose-designed for Police and Military snipers needing ultimate concealability and maneuverability. The rifle’s 26-inch overall length puts it in the submachinegun length class. The Covert’s 16-inch barrels provide 1000 yard capability with exceptional accuracy. The Covert is fully compatible with 26-inch barrel SRS conversion kits.



The HTI (Hard Target Interdiction) sniper rifle. The HTI’s bullpup design makes it the most compact and portable Hard Target Interdiction rifle in the world, 10.5 pounds lighter and 11.5 inches shorter than the M107 .50 BMG rifle currently in use. The HTI sniper rifle is a convertible multi-caliber extreme range Hard Target Interdiction weapon. Caliber options include .50 BMG, .416 Barrett, .408 CheyTac, and .375 CheyTac. All chamberings are capable of 2000+ yard engagements with phenomenal penetration. When you want to take out targets really far away, behind light cover, or stop light-skinned vehicles in their tracks the HTI is your rifle of choice.

If you are interested in Desert Tech rifles, you can make a purchase on our website or over the phone.

If you have any questions or concerns please dont hesitate to get in contact with us at

(916) 670-1103

9174 Franklin Blvd Ste B

Elk Grove, CA 95758

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