Bushnell 6-24x50 Elite 4200 30mm

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When Bushnell came out with the 6-24x50 Tactical scopes I was excited about it. I have been very happy with their 10x Tactical scope in the past and was thinking the Bushnell 6-24x50 Tactical would be a great low cost scope for someone to get started in the long-range shooting game. The day we received or shipment I grabbed one, cut open the seal on the box and was not disappointed with the looks.


The scope has robust turrets with 12moa per revolution, 44moa of total travel, and the clicks were a little mushy but still positive and audible clicks. The 44moa can be a drawback if you would like to shoot past 800yds with 308win. I tested the Bushnell with an Acculock 20moa base. The scope had 16moa to the bottom, 28moa to the top, with a 100yd zero. If someone would like to get to 1k with the 6-24x Bushnell I would recommend getting a 40moa base, this way you will get the full range of the scope.


The parallax is really nice. It is tight but smooth and I like the number yardage layout. At 24x the parallax seemed sensitive making it at times hard to focus on the target. But over all the parallax worked very well.


The bell is a big 50mm bell so you need taller rings; I used 0.984” center height rings to get it to clear the #7 contour barrel.

30mm TUBE:

The 30mm tube feels strong especially when compared to other scopes in its price range.


The finish is nice and smooth. In mounting the Bushnell in Acculock 30mm Lapped rings I noticed that the Bushnell fit tight! This indicated to me that the finish made the tube thicker than 30mm.


The Mil-Dot reticle is nice and sharp. It ranges at 12x for a full mil but if you put the magnification at 24 power the full mils become 1/2mils. If you would like it to range in MOA or use MOA for holdovers you can adjust the magnification down to the appropriate power to read in MOA, you will have to mark it on the power ring (example; at approximately 23.5x the Mil-Dot will read 2moa and at approximately 11.5x the Mil-Dot will read 4moa).


The glass was good. It was not the best glass I’ve looked through but good never the less. I could identify bullet holes at 100yds away.

Box Test:

I used the Corbon target that can be printed from their website. Here is a link right to the target Corbon Target Link. I like this test because it’s not just a square it is an X pattern.

How I did the box test:

At 100yds, I zeroed the scope on a separate target that had five 2moa squares. I took 3 shots at each one then I changed the target.

On the box test target I took 4 shots at the center. Now aiming at the center square just using the turrets to hit the 1moa squares I would take two shots at each square. I give it 1.5moa up and 1.5moa left and took 2 shots. See the photo below. The squares are numbered. Square 1: It looked very good to me. I adjusted the turret up to the 3moa mark and gave it 3moa left. See Square 2: The two shots looked a little high but grouped nicely. Now I moved the windage turret 6moa right putting it on the 3moa right mark keeping it on the 3moa up elevation. See Square 3: The group opened up but was still in the 1/2moa range. I adjusted down 1.5moa and took off 1.5moa. See Square 4: The elevation was high. I attributed this to the barrel getting hot. Going to zero elevation and zero wind I took one shot and again it was high because I think the barrel was hot. I took a break to let the barrel cool down for 20 minutes then resumed. I adjusted 1.5moa down and 1.5moa to the right. See Square 5: The elevation was perfect. I am going to skip the adjustment details at this point because they are the same as above. Square 6 looked really good also with very good grouping. Square 7: I shot and hit the bottom of the square then I pulled a shot missing the square, because the shot was my error I decided to take another shot. Square 8: The group opened up I’m not sure why I can only assume it was me. Final shot was made at zero elevation and zero wind. The shot was a center punch.

Here is the setup used:

REM. SA 308 25.25” barrel, Acculock 20moa base, Acculock rings with center height of 0.984”.

Over all I like this Bushnell scope. It would be a great entry level Tactical Scope, or for the shooter that has more rifles than scopes and cannot afford to put a high-end scope on them all. If I were to rate the Bushnell against high-end Tactical scopes this Bushnell would get a 5.5. If I were to rate it against other Lower-end Tactical scopes I would rate it a 9.8. The reason for the 9.8 is because I would have liked to see more elevation than 44moa but this can be over come by a 40moa base.

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