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Armageddon Gear 40/40 AMMO HOLDER
Price: $74.95
Availability: In Stock
Armageddon Gear Item #: ADG-0684 -

    If you've ever fought with wet cardboard ammo boxes in the bottom of your pack during a rainy match day, or tried to stick a big plastic box of your reloads in your backpack to bang around and get broken then you already understand what the big deal is. The 40/40 Ammo Holder (plus the couple loaded mags you have on hand) finally provides a secure and quiet way to tote enough ammo for a day of match shooting in all conditions. Opposing Velcro on the back of each panel lets you keep two halves...

    Armageddon Gear FAT BAGS
    Price: $59.95-$79.95
    Availability: In Stock
    Armageddon Gear

      Armageddon Gear™Fat Bags are an ultralight and versatile solution to a rifleman's need for weapon and body support in the field and on the range. The Fat Bags feature a Cordura nylon outer shell filled with airweight beads. Medium and Large sizes feature dual elastic straps with Milspec Velcro for attachment to yourself or your equipment and include a Bungee Gear Lanyard and ITW Nexus Tac Link to allow easy attachment to belt loops or equipment and easy use in a variety of positions without...

      Armageddon Gear PINT-SIZED GAME CHANGER
      Price: $84.99-$109.99
      Availability: In Stock
      Armageddon Gear Item #: ADG-0681-WAX -

        Bigger is better right? Actually through research and development we discovered that more mass equals more stability when paired with a pliable textile such as our exclusive waxed canvas. We have created the newest tool for your precision toolkit that requires less bulk and volume to achieve those game-changing results that you expect. This is not just a scaled down version of Reasor Precision’s iconic shooting bag, rather the perfect blend of size and weight with new innovative fill...

        Armageddon Gear Precision Rifle Sling With QD
        Price: $89.95
        Availability: Out of Stock
        Armageddon Gear Item #: ADG-0104 -

          **Updated for 2017!!! Now with our proprietary bungee webbing for enhanced comfort and kick-ass looks! We've worked with our mill for the last couple years to perfect this new bungee webbing. It offers the same strength, same stretch as the sewn-together bungee section of our previous Precision Rifle Sling, but with a softer texture and rounded edges to make the Armageddon Gear Precision Rifle Sling is better than ever**The Armageddon Gear Precision Rifle Sling is a highly versatile tool that...

          Armageddon Gear STICKY GAMECHANGER OG
          Price: $145.00
          Availability: Out of Stock with more on the way!
          Armageddon Gear Item #: ADG-0708 -

            The Sticky Game Changer by Armageddon GearIt’s no secret that we have been experimenting with revolutionary textiles that defy conventional capabilities for durability and downright tackiness. So what happens when you combine this new technology with the most winning shooting bag design in the precision rifle sports? The Sticky Game Changer is born and here to take your stability up a notch or two.Derived from the superior stability offered from our exclusive waxed canvas shell, we applied our...

            Price: $108.95-$158.95
            Availability: CALL FOR AVAILABILITY | (916)-670-1103
            Armageddon Gear Item #: ADG-0683-WAX -

              The OG by Armageddon Gear takes us back to the roots of Reasor Precision's simple solver that changed the game of positional shooting. The use of Waxed Canvas and Bison Leather simply perfects an already great solution. The origins of Reasor's grasping front support bag for firearm stability began with a specific shape, heavy-poly fill blend and pliable shell to yield the most effective and versatile solution developed for those uncomfortable positions that marksmen used to dread. The OG...