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Nightforce ATACR 4-16x50mm
Price: $2,400.00
Availability: --

    Nightforce ATACR 4-16x50mm ZeroStop .1 Mil-Radian DigIllum PTL Mil-R NTF-C543 A “bright, virtually perfect image…immune from recoil and just about anything else” is how experts describe the Nightforce ATACR™. Its ED glass and virtually indestructible construction have distinguished the ATACR™ as the ultimate precision instrument for long-range shooting among military, tactical professionals and civilian shooters alike. Now, the ATACR™ 4-16 x 50 will allow you to achieve the same kind of...

    Nightforce ATACR 5-25x56mm F1
    Price: $3,100.00-$3,500.00
    Availability: --

      Nightforce ATACR 5-25x56mm F1 ZeroStop .1 Mil-Radian, Digillum, PTL, H59NTF-C577This Nightforce ATACR F1 5-25x56mm riflescope with DigIllum H59 reticle and .1 Mil-Radian features ZeroStop, power throw lever, beautiful ED optics, capped windage adjustment, parallax adjustment, enhanced engraving eyepiece, and XtremeSpeed thread for fast diopter adjustment. The ATACR F1 5-25x56mm is the perfect all-around long range riflescope. Scope Weight: 38oz Scope Length: 15.37" Magnification Range: 5-25x...

      Nightforce Direct Mount -Rem 700 - 30mm
      Price: $220.00
      Availability: --

        This Nightforce system combines a high quality CNC machined 7075-T6 hard anodized aluminum base with an integrated ring design. Built to mount directly to your Remington 700 short or long actions, the 20 MOA taper maximizes internal adjustment. The Direct Mount ensures true alignment and maximum strength for precision shooting. Like all Extreme Duty Nightforce mounts, it incorporates an integral recoil lug which prevents any movement of the base or stress on the screws attaching the Direct...

        Nightforce Angle degree indicators w/ various mounting options
        Price: $60.00-$239.00
        Availability: --

          The Nightforce Angle Degree Indicator takes the guesswork out of uphill and downhill shots. Calibrated in degrees, it gives you an instant readout which you can enter directly into the Nightforce ballistic software program on your pocket PC or use with a pre-printed angle drop chart. It is available in two versions:a two-piece, low-profile Mil. Std. 1913 rails/bases for one-piece bases that allows easy installation without removing the scope (shown below)as part of our top ring bubble level...

          Nightforce XTRM - Ring Set - Ultralite™
          Price: $170.00-$215.00
          Availability: --

            When a tough, reliable mounting system is required without adding substantial weight, Nightforce Ultralite rings are the answer. They feature CNC machined 7075- T6 hard anodized aluminum bodies and titanium beta series crossbolts and jaws. This unique construction provides exceptional strength, normally not found in lightweight rings. Testing has proven that this combination is actually stronger than steel.

            Nightforce | Clamp-on Power Throw Lever (Non Enhanced Compacts)
            Price: $64.00
            Availability: In Stock
            Item #: NTF-A287 -

              Our Power Throw Lever (PTL™) is designed for extremely fast and easy magnification changes from any shooting position, in any condition.Available for the Nightforce NXS™ full size and non-enhanced Compact models, plus ATACR™ and SHV™ riflescopes. No modifications to the riflescope are required.

              Nightforce | Clamp-on Power Throw Lever (NXS 15x, 22x, 32x, 42x)
              Price: $64.00
              Availability: Out of Stock
              Item #: NTF-A288 -

                Our Power Throw Lever (PTL™) is designed for extremely fast and easy magnification changes from any shooting position, in any condition.Available for the Nightforce NXS™ full size and non-enhanced Compact models, plus ATACR™ and SHV™ riflescopes. No modifications to the riflescope are required.

                Nightforce STND Bases (Aluminum)
                Price: $59.00
                Availability: --

                  New for 2015, Nightforce standard bases are a quality, affordable solution for those looking to ensure their scope is firmly mounted to their rifle. These aluminum bases are machined to Mil. Std. 1913 rail specifications and hard anodized.Available for a wide variety of firearms, including:Browning A-BoltHowa 1500Kimber 84 & 8400Mauser 98 Large RingNEF/HNR Handi RifleRemington 700 & XP100Ruger AmericanRuger 10/22Savage Round & Flat ActionsSavage Mk II, 64 & 93 RimfireT/C Contender &...

                  Nightforce XTRM - MultiMounts & Accessory Platforms
                  Price: $109.00-$119.00
                  Availability: --

                    The new Nightforce MultiMount™ was originally designed as a platform for close-range sights to be mounted in conjunction with a primary riflescope. The MultiMount™ offers far more versatility, however, functioning as a user-configurable system providing a rock-solid base for any Mil. Std. 1913 accessory that will fit. Designed to replace the top half of an X-Treme Duty™ ring, the MultiMount allows placement of a Mil. Std. 1913 rail at the 45 degree left, 45 degree right and/or 90 degree up...

                    Nightforce COMPETITION - Service Rifle 4.5x24mm
                    Price: $1,950.00
                    Availability: --

                      The CompetitionTM SR Fixed 4.5x24 is purpose-built to provide the service rifle competitor maximum advantage for across the course shooting. The fixed 4.5x magnification is the maximum allowed; and with a weight of just over 15 ounces, the CompetitionTM SR Fixed 4.5x24 is a perfect partner for the scope-sighted service rifle division.Each 1/4 MOA click engages with a reassuring tactile feel and, as with every Nightforce riflescope, tracks true and without backlash. The ZeroStop™ feature...

                      Nightforce B.E.A.S.T.™ - 5-25x56mm F1
                      Price: $4,100.00-$4,500.00
                      Availability: --

                        Why is the most advanced riflescope on the market today called the B.E.A.S.T.™? It has nothing to do with size, weight, or appearance. Our engineers were asked to do what was thought impossible…to create a riflescope the likes of which had never been built before. To invent radical new technologies that solve old problems inherent to competitor’s products. And to include capabilities and features that for years had been nothing but pipe dreams. Cut no corners, they were told. Not on materials,...

                        Nightforce | 	 Kit - TS-82™ - Xtreme Hi-Def™ - Straight - with 20-70x eyepiece (SP101), Case (A290), Sleeve(A291), Cleaning Kit (A130), Fob Lens Cloth (A133), Grommet Kit (A282) - New for 2015
                        Price: $2,935.00
                        Availability: Out of Stock
                        Item #: NTF-SP400 -

                          Our customers asked, “when are you going to make a spotting scope that’s as good as your riflescopes?” The answer is, right now. We guarantee that the TS-82™ will not only meet—but exceed—the quality, resolution, brilliance and fidelity of the world’s most well-known, most highly respected European spotting scopes.Quick-release bayonet mount allows quick, secure changing of eyepieces and interchanging of accessories. An optional wide angle 30-60x eyepiece is also available. Both straight and...